1956 Jensen 541

A Delicate Process – Preparing and Repairing the Wheel Arches of the 1956 Jensen 541

The in-house paint and body team at Bridge Classic Cars have been working on preparing to start work on the 1956 Jensen 541.

The first stage is to get the wheel arches for the car sanded down and ready for when they eventually go into the paint booth. First, though, the team had to perform some repairs. One of the benefits of the Jensen 541’s fibreglass construction is that repairs can be easily performed on these amazing classic GT cars.

Then, once the resin had cured for the repair the team could begin sanding and fairing the pieces to make sure every surface and recess of it is perfect and ready for the time when it all gets its first coats of primer.

The Smallest of Details – Refurbishing 1956 Jensen 541 Parts

Our in-house restoration team at Bridge Classic Cars put the same level of skill and finish for even the smallest parts of our restoration projects. Applying the same high standards to things such as nuts and bolts as we do to a complete car.

Take for example these pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541 which is in with ourselves for full restoration. When people say a full ”Nut and Bolt” restoration, this is what Bridge Classic Cars means. Jonn, one of our amazing technicians, spent a considerable amount of time getting the nuts and bolts for the suspension components, pedal box etc all in the best condition.

Jonn, cleaned off the years of corrosion on each piece. Regreased every joint and either cleaned or rethreaded any bolts. Meticulously working his way through each piece part by part.

That is how Bridge Classic Cars does a restoration.

Rearward – Fitting Up the New Rear Seat Cover to the Base of the 1956 Jensen 541

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house trim shop has made every piece of the interior for our Jensen 541’s by hand. And the 1956 Jensen 541 we have in for restoration is the next car in that line of bespoke interiors.

Brian and Lydia have been working together to get the rear seat finished for this amazing project. In the last update, Lydia had finished making the new seat cover entirely by hand and bespoke for this particular car. Now, Brian has made the new seat base and foams for the car. Again, these are unique and bespoke for the car to ensure the best fit and finish for the final product.

The interior of this particular 1956 Jensen 541 is going to look absolutely phenomenal when it’s finished and we cannot wait to show you.

Trimmed – Working on the Trim Pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541

Our head trimmer here at Bridge Classic Cars, Brian, has been working on finishing up the interior trims for the 1956 Jensen 541 which is in with us for a full ground-up restoration.

Brian has methodically worked through the trims around the doors of the little known sportscar to ensure that each piece is repaired (if needs be) and then prepared and recovered in the beautiful red leather chosen by the lucky owner.

Each piece of hardware has also been refinished by Brian and the trim team to give even the smallest screw or bolt the same level of finish as the pieces they secure.

Another key piece that Brian has been working on is the beautiful rear seat centre console. Brian made up a new metal piece that creates the skeleton and the recovered in soft, durable foam and capped in that deep red leather.

There will be more updates on the 1956 Jensen 541 restoration by Bridge Classic Cars very soon.

From Scratch – Making and Trimming Rear Quarters for the 1956 Jensen 541

Brian, one of our legendary in-house trim experts at Bridge Classic Cars, is a true master of his craft. Brian is currently working on the rear trim panels and pieces for the 1956 Jensen 541 being built by us here at Bridge Classic Cars. The interior is one of those pieces being handcrafted to fit the car.

The rear quarter pieces have been entirely made by hand by Brian. We have a long history of restoring Jensen 541’s to a world-class standard and part of that is the interiors our team create for these bespoke sportscars. Each piece for the interior of the ’56 has been made by hand by the team, whether it be the coverings or literally panels for the car like these rear quarter pieces.

Brian made these panels to perfectly fit into the car and also to work alongside the other pieces of trim which are going to be alongside them in the car. After hand forming them, Brian then cuts and wraps them by hand to ensure the best possible fit and finish to each piece for such a special car.

Got Your Back – Working on the Seats of the 1956 Jensen 541

Our in-house trim shop at Bridge Classic Cars are well versed with the interiors of the majestic Jensen 541. So, with the fronts of the 1956 Jensen 541 seats complete, it was time for Kath to turn her attention to the back of the other seat.

Using the other completed seat for reference, Kath began by carefully making a template of the back of the seat. Each of the seat buckets was made by hand back in the 1950s so they are slightly different from one to the next, so to ensure the best fit and finish Kath makes each template by hand. Once this was complete, she could begin to transfer the template onto the lining and the hide that would envelop the fibreglass seat.

After this had been carefully glued and set to the backs and bottom of the seat, Kath began to work on the seat base and cushion. Again, every single piece of the seat is handmade by our in-house trim shop so even the cushions are bespoke to this car. Millimetre by millimetre, Kath perfected the fit and shape of the foam and once that was fair and even, she attached it to the seat base. Then, in the matching hide, Kath retrimmed the cushion and seat base ready to put into the seat.

With this complete, both seats are now ready for when the rest of the car is finished and handed over to the trim shop for fitting.

To The Smallest Detail – Preparing Parts of the 1956 Jensen 541 For Sandblasting

The teardown of components for sandblasting is a crucial step in any restoration. The parts need to be broken down into the their separate pieces in order to be properly blasted and cleaned but also different attention is sometimes required to different materials. Another part of this is knowing the fixing and the parts are in good or rebuildable order before they are sent out.

That’s why Mauro, one of our in-house restoration technicians has been hard at work carefully taking apart each of the components which will be sent away of the 1956 Jensen 541 for sandblasting. With a car as bespoke and handbill as the 541, it is important to carefully remove and catalogue all pieces that come off the car for later when the rebuild begins. Also, for reference to know exactly what is being sent out. That is something Bridge Classic Cars prides itself on with our restorations, the level of detail.

Each component, piece by piece was gently and sympathetically broke down to its constituent parts in order to be fully assessed before being labeled and photographed. These pieces will be sent to a local specialist to treat and revitalise before being returned to us at Bridge Classic Cars for the Jensen. The process allows the fresh metal underneath to breathe but also for our restoration teams to assess any imperfections or hidden damage to the components when they arrive back. As you can see with the Jensen, there are lots of parts with even more small fixings and components so it is crucial with a restoration as in depth as that of the 1956 541 that everything is as good as it possibly can be.

Expect to see more on the 1956 Jensen 541 being restored at Bridge Classic Cars very soon here on the News page.

Refining Process – Making the Rear Quarter Trims for the 1956 Jensen 541

Brian, our in-house trim expert, has been continuing to work on the rear quarter trims for the 1956 Jensen 541 currently in at Bridge Classic Cars for restoration.

Brian has completely fabricated each of the trim pieces by hand for the 541 using what was left of the originals. Piece by piece, Brian used the original techniques to recreate the trim panels which will then go on to be retrimmed in matching vibrant red leather to the rest of the car.

Each of the pieces has been hand cut and sanded to be a perfect fit when installed into the car. Millimetre by millimetre, Brian removed material after dry fitting. Also, taking into account the foam covering and leather to ensure the best fit and finish possible for this incredible 1950s British sports car.

The Level of Detail – Recovering the Dash and Ceiling Pad of the 1956 Jensen 541

It’s the small details on a restoration that we believe take it to a world-class finish. Interiors are a huge part of the experience of these cars for their very lucky owners as it’s the best seat in the house in our opinion. That’s why our in-house trim shop takes everything to the next level in terms of fit and finish.

Brian, one of our in-house trim experts here at Bridge Classic Cars, has been hard at work stripping down and recovering several of the larger components for the 1956 Jensen 541. Brian began by stripping back the original dash and ceiling pads ready for them to be recovered in matching red leather to the rest of the interior. Carefully, Brian worked his magic on revealing the original piece that lay under the weathered coverings for assessment.

The pieces themselves were in remarkable shape. So, very little was needed before they were prepared for their new look. Inch by inch, Brian began with the underlays for each piece making sure they were cut perfectly to size before being married to the piece. Then, using the best hide, Brian began the process that would make them complete.

Using his years of experience in high-end retrimming, Brian stretch and secured the leather to the piece making sure at each point that the coverings sat flat and straight onto the original 1950s pieces. As you can see, the results are sensational just like the rest of the interior on this wonderful early car.

Awoken From its Slumber – Collecting the 1956 Jensen 541

That’s our 1956 Jensen 541 safely in our enclosed transporter and on its way back to the Bridge Classic Cars workshop in Pettistree.

It had been sat for quite a while awaiting its place in line for restoration. Our transport team carefully positioned the enclosed trailer up to the front of the sleeping sportscar. Inch by inch the car was tenderly pulled from the storage unit to keep it and the building around it safe.

With the car and all other parts securely stored and the area cleaned up, it was on its way to the workshop to begin teardown in preparation for its full restoration.