1954 MG TF

A bright new arrival

This 1954 red MG TF has arrived at our workshop today! It’s come in because of engine running issues, so Ady, our engine specialist, will

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This Just In – 1954 MG TF

The latest arrival into the Bridge Classic Cars Suffolk HQ is this stunning 1954 MG TF.

The classic MG will soon go into the workshop for our in-house restoration teams to inspect, assess and report on the car. It will go through each of the teams individually for them to cast their expert eye over the car.

Keep a look out on the Bridge Classic Cars news page for more updates on the car very soon.

Check Over – Repairing the Door Cards of the 1954 MG TF

Whilst the 1954 MG TF was being worked on by Jon in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop, the door cards were in our in-house trim shop being worked on by our trimmer Kath.

The door cards it was found were actually causing a slight issue with getting the door to close correctly. Kath began by inspecting the part of the door which interfered with the hinge and the striker, using her experience and skill Kath managed to rectify the issue and then re-edge and retrim the door card ready to be installed back into the car.

Whilst working on the door cards, Kath also made some new check straps for the doors. Finding the closest colour hide we had in stock, Kath remade the pieces entirely from scratch so that when the doors are opened the will not over extend and risk damaging the pins or the hinges.

Small Adjustments – Adjusting the Doors of the 1954 MG TF

Jon, one of the in-house restoration experts here at Bridge Classic Cars has spent some time working to get the doors on the 1954 MG TF to fit and close properly.

Firstly, Jon removed the door card from the classic sports car where it was then given over to one of our in-house trim experts, Kath, to repair. Whilst this was being done, Jon got to work on the doors. The first thing Jon noticed was that the spot welds that attach the door skin to the frame had popped and allowed the door to not sit level. So, Jon quickly spot welded the door skin back on before beginning work on the hinges.

Jon, upon inspection, noted that the lower hinge of the door had too much movement. So, Jon made up a spacer to sit between the door and hinge allowing a much tighter fit and better alignment between the door striker and the hinge.

Whilst Kath in the trim shop had the door card, it was decided to create a new check strap for the door in as close of a match as possible to the existing leather.

While waiting for the door card and check strap, Jon began work on adjusting the strikers and hinges so the door would shut evenly and level. With some small modifications needed to one of the latches, everything was eventually right in place to line up perfectly for the little sports car.

Diving Deeper – Finding a Rotten Heater Hose on the 1954 MG TF

The Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration teams have been inspecting and assessing the 1954 MG TF after getting the car started.

Our technician Jon had a look at each component within the engine bay, and that includes all the hoses. Upon inspection, Jon found one of the heater hoses had become very deteriorated over time and for the sake of safety will need to be replaced. The condition of the hoses is crucial for the longevity of any classic car’s engine so this is a must-do job.

Get Up and Go – Starting Issue on the 1954 MG TF

This absolutely stunning 1954 MG TF has got a bit of a starting issue. So, it has been bought in for the amazing Bridge Classic Cars in-house restoration technicians to get to the bottom of it.

The job of looking into why the TF wouldn’t start was given to Jon, one of the amazing in-house technicians who has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the overall health of a classic car. After troubleshooting and checking the various systems responsible for starting this plucky little sports car and putting the car on a deep cycle charge, Jon found the start solenoid had an internal fault. He also found the cable that controls the solenoid needed adjusting as well.

While adjusting the starter cables, Jon noted the dash would actually move with the cable so to make sure the adjustment was correct and working as it should he resecured the dash into the car and retested. After this, the MG TF started every time with little effort from this nearly 70 year old sports car.

Work begins on the red MG TF.

Dave has been working on the red 1954 MG TF. The door wasn’t fitting properly, so he’s sorted adjusted that. The rubber seal around one of the dials on the dash had disintegrated so a new one was put in its place. And Dave’s put in a new engine solenoid.

A bright new arrival

This 1954 red MG TF has arrived at our workshop today! It’s come in because of engine running issues, so Ady, our engine specialist, will be taking a look at it. Keep your eyes peeled for updates.