1944 Morris C8

1944 Morris C8 Engine Rebuild completion

Our lovely 1944 Morris C8, or to call her by her real name, Ellen, is now complete.

We were tasked with rebuilding the engine on this Morris C8. Most of the work was carried out by Ady, Bridge Classic Cars’ engine specialist.

Firstly, we removed the engine for full assessment. Ady and Pete had found that the big end bearings had deteriorated. The engine was stripped down and cleaned. Under instruction of the customer we stripped down the engine and inspected all components. We found the piston rings were broken and the crankshaft needed grinding. The valve seats had deteriorated so we laped in all the valves.

We fitted new piston rings, new bearings and the head gasket were custom made for this engine. All other gaskets were all hand made for this C8 engine.

All the remianing parts were refurbished or replaced for new, before the engine was re-assembled and taken out for testing. Ellen now runs smoothly and is ready for many more years on the road.