1936 Lagonda Rapier

Repaired – Fixing the Exhaust Mount on the 1936 Lagonda Rapier

The workshop team at Bridge Classic Cars have tackled the first job on the 1936 Lagonda Rapier which recently arrived at our Suffolk HQ.

When the car arrived, the team noted the exhaust was hanging low and on inspection found the exhaust mount had broken allowing the exhaust to hang.

The team have modified the original mount to make sure it is now safe and secure under the classic pre-war tourer.

This Just In – 1936 Lagonda Rapier

Just arrived at the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop at our Suffolk HQ is this beautiful 1936 Lagonda Rapier.

The classic pre-war tourer has arrived for our restoration technicians to look into an issue with the car’s dynamo which charges the battery. The workshop technicians will work on troubleshooting the exact cause of the fault to get this beautiful piece of history back to running perfectly again.

As it arrived, it was noted the exhaust was also hanging very low which the Bridge Classic Cars workshop team will have a look at too and see if it can be repaired. The team will also do a full inspection of the car as well.

We’re excited to show you more about the classic Lagonda Rapier very soon.