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1926 Clyno

Working On Our Clyno

Classic car technician Steve has been working on our 1926 Clyno to help get it back out on the road.

Newly relined brake shoes were fitted before Steve noticed that a manifold gasket was leaking. 2 gaskets ended up being removed and replaced.

A Closer Look At A Pre-War Classic

Our 1926 Clyno has been in the care of classic car technician Steve as he has been inspecting the vehicle to see what work needs to be completed while it is here with us in the Bridge Classic Cars workshop.

Steve noticed that the wire from the nearside rear light is corroded and the offside front shackle grease nipple is missing.

Work will start on resolving these issues, and any others that arise along the way very soon.

A 1926 Classic Arrives

Another new arrival entered the Bridge Classic Cars workshop earlier this week in the form of our 1926 Clyno Tourer.

The car has been stored by its owner for several years so is now coming into us to check over and get back into drivable condition.

We have had multiple older cars enter the workshop recently and this is another beautiful 20s model.