Sean Connery’s 1986 BMW 635 CSI Could Be Yours

Back in 2020, we lost an iconic 007. Sir Sean Connery sadly passed away last year but his 1986 BMW 635 CSI is now up for auction with estimations of its sale going for between £30,000 to £60,000. The current bid, (at the time of this article – 10:15 am) is sat at £31,250 but we expect that figure to continue to rise until bidding closes at 19:30 tonight.

This stunning BMW 635CSI would be the ideal motor so someone wanting to test the waters of the high performance modern classic car world.

It is believed that Sean Connery owned this BMW 6 series 1989/90 and then sold it in 1998 and the low mileage could be attributed to the fact that Mr Connery was rather busy staring in multiple Hollywood blockbusters during that time. Since then, the car has been stored in several storage units and made brief appearances under different dealerships.

We will continue to follow this auction so keep an eye out on our website and check the auction site linked below.

See the live auction here.

Although we haven’t worked on the exact same model, we have worked on this 1988 BMW 635CSI that came in back in 2018 for an interior trim freshen up!

The post-1982 BMW 6 series adopted the E28 chassis from the previous BMW 5 series which lead to improvements in the mechanics of the car as well as enhancements to its interior and exterior. This model also suits anything from the school run to tackling winding country roads. The reliability and graceful ageing of this car is all down to the solid and reliable engineering that the older models offer.