Swimwear Designer Kimberley Garner

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By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

English swimwear designer, model and actress Kimberley Garner travels the world, enjoying life and showing off her fantastic taste in cars…most of which are classics!

Kimberley boasts over 135,000 followers on Instagram, every photo is as amazing as the one before and we love the fact that a lot of them are the incredible cars she gets to work around.

Shop: Kimberley London Ltd

Kimberley London is a luxury beachwear brand founded in 2013 by Kimberley Garner. The pieces are delicate and flatter the female body, made from luxury Italian fabric, double lined to create structure. Each piece includes 18 carat Gold Plated pendants and trims, made in Paris and heat protected for the beach.

All pieces are Made in England and cut by hand in London, for unmatched quality.

Source: Instagram @kimberleygarner

Coachella Valley

Filming in Hollywood

Ariel Atom

Enjoying time out at Goodwood Revival where we’ll be ourselves later this year.

Looking exquisite on the bonnet of the iconic classic Porsche roadster.

The modern classic Morgan.


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