Still Going Strong – 1969 Mercedes 280SL (Pagoda)

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

It’s been a little while since our 1969 Mercedes 280SL (Pagoda) left the Bridge Classic Cars workshop. After undergoing an engine rebuild with us, it left the workshop to be returned to its owner a few months ago.

Since then, we have had some great feedback about the performance of the car and it sounds like it is very much at home being back out on the road.

Feedback from the owner includes:

“I have now done over 500 mainly motorway miles in the car and it is running well. Thank you again for the work you have done”.


“the car continues to run beautiful and was a pleasure to drive on a long trip to France a couple of weeks back”.

Hearing that a restored car is bringing enjoyment to its owner is something that makes us very happy. Classic cars like this are all about having the perfect driving experience so this is exactly the type of feedback we aim to achieve.

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