Start at the Beginning – Preparing for Work to Begin on the 1999 Mercedes E55 AMG.

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

This 1999 Mercedes E55 AMG was recovered into Bridge Classic Cars recently with a hydraulic issue.

Upon inspection, our technicians found that many of the metal lines that run under the vehicle had corroded to the point where some had unfortunately cracked.

Along with the hydraulic lines for the rear brakes and suspension, our in-house technicians also discovered a leak coming from the radiator at the front. On these specific cars, the radiator also acts as a gearbox cooler (with a secondary internal core) which our technicians believe to be the culprit for the suspected leak on the bottom of the pan.

After putting together the list of specific hoses needed to get this exceptional piece of ’90s performance back into safe and working condition, next was the prepare the car for install.

To do this, our technicians had to meticulously go through the rear suspension in order to make sure that the rear axle could be taken out of the car safely and securely. With the rear axle now removed from the back end of the V8 wagon, Paul could start to remove all of the affected hydraulic lines and begin to work his way getting the car ready to accept the new lines.

Expect to see more on this wonderful Super Wagon very soon on our News Page!

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