Spitfire’s New Hood

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’ve got a lovely triumph spitfire in at the moment that has had a new hood made up by our trim shop. This is the only modification we’ve done to this spitfire as its going elsewhere for the rest of its restoration journey.

Kath had to hoover out the back of the spitfire to prepare it for its new restoration work.

Kath first had to cut holes out of material to make the hood. The front latches have been screwed in place. Kath then bolted the hood frame to car and attached the rear plate to the hood with 3 fasteners.

The next stage was to fit stud button fasteners to rear body so that the hood can be secured in place. Kath then had to clip the cover around the hood bars inside, pull the front material over the header rail and clip in place.

A crucial step in this process was to leave it over night to stretch and then continue in the morning. Once everything was clipped down and glued in, Kath then had to fold back the hood to trim off excess material. She then riveted a metal channel into the rail and inserted a rubber seal inside channel.

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