Friday Snapshot

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Its been a busy week, with once again, many cars leaving, lots making big milestones and photoshoots!

Behind the scenes on the Rolls Royce shoot

We were extremely lucky with the weather on Wednesday for our Rolls Royce Corniche shoot at Hintlesham Hall.

This stunning 16th Century Elizabethan hotel created the perfect backdrop to shoot the regal 1973 Rolls Royce Corniche with our friend Giles, who made the perfect model.

We’re currently selling the Rolls Royce, so if you’d like to look this suave, head over to our website to see more about it!

You can see our Behind The Scenes video on our Instagram Reels!

Goodbye Yellow TR6

Our ray of sunshine, the Yellow 1973 Triumph TR6 has just left the workshop!

It came in with some issues concerning the gearbox so we swiftly replaced the clutch slave cylinder and it was back up and running in no time!

It was delivered back to its owners this morning.

Peony Red 1960 Jensen 541S

We’ve recently received another Jensen to restore. Although it’s currently a dull white, it will soon blossom into a beautiful Peony Red! This is a really exciting project for us as it’s going to be an amazing transformation!

Earlier in the week it had its fiberglass body worked on, smoothing down the exterior and adding a layer of stone chip to the inside. You can see that here.

Since then, our technicians Chris and Ant have tidied the metal plate work by welding and smoothing the exterior to make it all uniform. A primer has been added and a DTM satin paint applied on top.

The chrome pieces for the Jensen have also been sourced and cleaned, ready to be applied.

The doors have been refurbished with rust and holes corrected and parts of the inner door having been refurbished.


We’ve recently bought a 1974 VW Beetle for a near future competition car! We cant wait to get started on this beautiful green vehicle!

We’ve also had a lot of work on our other cars such as new trimmings for the Grey Jensen, custom window wipers and pump for the Nissan, new wheels on the MGB, new seat belts on the purple TR6.

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