The small jobs that’ll make a big difference to our Bentley Special

Work continues this week on our 1949 Bentley Special as we get ready for next week’s Annual Christmas Classic auction, hosted by Barons Auctioneers and being held at Sandown.

It starts at 1pm on Tuesday 12th December and our Bentley is set to be one of the star cars on the day.

We also have our 1967 Austin A35, 1957 Morris 1000, 1991 TVR SEAC and 1960 BSA Sunbeam featured in the auction.

Getting back down to business, here we have a slection of smaller tasks we’ve completed on our Bentley. The air filter and spare wheel cover have been glossed up ready to be refitted.

The freshly polished side step has now been fitted. As always, credit to Tony and the guys at Wyatt Polishing for doing a great job on all of the polishing.

The underside has been cleaned up, prepared and blackened.

We’ve also cleaned down and re-finished the brake drums in silver, heat resistant, paint.

The polished fuel tank has now been secured back into position, followed then by the spare wheel and we’ve replaced the modern indicators for age related components.

As you can see, the number plate screws have not yet been changed but we’ve made up the new bumper fixing covers. We decided to remove the front bumper completely as the majority vote seemed to say that the Bentley looked more appealing without the bumper. We have kept the original bumper in vcase the new owner disagrees.

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