This vehicle is now sold

1978 Morris Marina 1.8 GT

We have been lucky enough to ‘shipping container’ find this ultra rare Morris Marina 1.8 GT. Yes GT!!

It is a very original car and in very good condition considering it’s been tucked away in a shipping container.

“It’s a restoration project”.

The floors from what I can see look remarkably solid and the only holes visible are at the bottom of both front wings, but in the inner wheel arch area.

They are minor and I think they were dirt and water traps.

Every where else looks very straight. Body, engine bay, boot floor all look excellent but it will still need painting and recommissioning.

Roof gutter trim “chrome look” finishers are horrible and will need replacing.

Under some of the vinyl roof feels suspect. Not the roof itself but along the piece between back window and boot lid but still not that bad and easily rectified as it isn’t a part of the roof material.

The interior is original and in excellent unbroken condition. It’s dusty, needs cleaning and stretching to get it taut again.

Carpets are ok but we would replace. We are fussy.

It runs lovely, has a few perished hoses leaking fuel and the clutch and brake pedals go straight to the floor. A weekend and you could drive it I’m sure. Might be a long weekend.

It goes it just doesn’t stop.

The bumpers are dent free and in very good condition but if we restore it they will be rechromed.

It doesn’t have any service book just some loose paperwork. V5 is present and correct.

It is showing 16000 miles but you may think that it’s 116000 but I have my doubts.

It’s complete, decals, badges, trim etc etc, all there and again in good condition.