This vehicle is now sold

1928 Hillman Fourteen

1928 Hillman 14hp Six Light Saloon.

Built in late 1928 and first registered on the 9th January 1929. This car has a 1954cc, 4 cylinder engine and was one of the first  models produced by Hillman, after Rootes Brothers purchased the company from William Hillman in 1928.

‘Henry’ still sports it’s original blue leather interior and has a right-hand gear change and handbrake levers obstructing the driver’s door. Entry/Exit should be from passenger side and then sliding across (very elegant)

This particular car was originally purchased by a gentleman in Chadwell Heather, Essex for the princely sum of £375.

Comes with a copy of the original owner’s handbook presented nicely in a leather bound folder.

‘Features of the new Fourteen’

Low to the ground. With its wide track and low centre of gravity, the new ‘Fourteen’ has remarkable stability and cornering qualities at all speeds; a result that has been obtained without any sacrifice of clearance, which is ample for all conditions, either at home or abroad . The lowering of the frame and flattening of the springs have allowed the mounting of body-work which, besides being unusually spacious, has that graceful low outline which stamps it as of the most modern design.

Good to drive and ride in. Hillman performance has always been outstanding. In the new model it is even better than before. A number of detail modifications have made the engine even more durably efficient, quieter and smoother at all speeds. There are improvements in the transmission; the radiator is bigger and deeper; the controls are neater; the instrument board is more attractive and is indirectly lighted; the four wheel brakes have been increased in power; the seats are wide; and the running boards are lower. Shock absorbers are fitted all round. To the many to whom comfort is of primary importance, the new Hillman will make and instant appeal. never before has such accommodation have achieved with so moderate a wheelbase.

Good to look at. The pride an owner takes in his car depends not a little on appearance. The Hillman looks what it is, the very best and most advanced examples in its type. In all new Hillman bodies (other than Fabric models), pressed steel panels with integral mouldings are used throughout and form a perfect base for the cellulose finish. The new colour-schemes are particularly attractive – they are dignified and in every way appropriate to a product of exclusive quality. The fabric saloon and Segrave models are of genuine Weymann construction, which is admittedly the finest body of its type. The appearance of the Hillman Fourteen pleases they as much as its comfort and performance please its occupants on the road.