Shaping fresh air into Riley!

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

James has been getting on with making a pair of new air vent panels for the 1951 Riley! The original ones were heavily corroded, so it was easier and more efficient for him to make brand new ones…

They provide fresh air into the car, before air conditioning was around!

The new air vent panels were hand formed by James, using traditional methods. He started by making a wooden former and then cut a piece of sheet metal. He used the wooden former and a dolly to stretch and hammer the metal curve into shape. The original vent mechanisms were used. They were welded into the metal panels and coated with sink spray between the surfaces. The new air vent panels will be left plain until the running boards are sorted and both them and the new air vents are back on the car.

Lydia has also been continuing to paint strip panels to get rid of the existing layers of paint.

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