Safety First

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The Purple 1973 Triumph TR6 has recently had seatbelts and tyres installed making by our team.


New seatbelts were installed on our TR6! There may be a few pieces missing but at least it’s now a safe drive!


It also had its first start-up today, but to get it running perfectly, we’ll be handing it over to our engine specialist Ady.

You can trust here at Bridge Classic Cars that your car will get full attention from our team of specialist technicians, and the proof is in the pudding!

New Windscreen

A brand new windscreen has also been recently installed.

New Wheels

The owner of our TR6 specially requested for the original tyres to be fitted, so we ordered a set of original TR6 Michelin XAS tyres from Longstone Classic Tyres.

We understand that some people want their cars fitted with modern refurbishments and some prefer to keep the originality intact. Both are great options when restoring a classic car and equally have their own pros and cons, however its never too much trouble to acquire or make original custom fittings to make sure the car is just right. Its all in the finer details!

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