Refurbishing the MGBGT seats and frames

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The new front and rear seats are being started today with the end result being a black on black finish.

As is often the case, the frames are still in great condition but just needed a little attention to the paint finish, just to freshen them up.

MGBGT Seat Frames

The seats have been stripped of all components, in our opinion the bases and cushions are good enough to be re-used, the diaphragms have worn and the seat covers themselves are looking really tired.

One of the seats has been covered over the covers so we’ve decided to give the inside a full makeover too.

They are now in the hands of Kim, our interior specialist and she’ll look to replace the interior with new. It is not always the case but sometimes it is actually more viable for us to build the interior from scratch ourselves rather than to buy off the shelf. Certainly in this case, it is the most cost effective option with most suppliers being out of stock and the others costing a substantial amount.

Its times like these when we are fortunate to have the experts with the skills to be able to build interiors from essentially nothing.

MGBGT Seat Frames

MGBGT Seat Frames

MGBGT Seat Frames

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