Refurbishing the Mercedes Mexican Tophat Wheels

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

As part of the restoration of our 1984 Mercedes W123 300TD, we have two full sets of Mercedes Mexican Tophat alloy wheels to refurbish.

A very desirable wheel indeed.

It wasn’t until we removed the set from the vehicle that we realised the car was actually fitted with odd wheels. It was sitting on three 6 inch wheels and one 6.5 inch wheel. This was most strange until we pulled out the second set of wheels to refurbish to find three 6.5 inch wheels and one 6 inch wheel.

Very difficult to see on the image above the the wheel closest to us is slightly lower than the rest.

Either way, the wheel refurbishment is now completed, 2 full sets and a spare all ready and looking amazing.

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