Refurbishing the existing fuel tank

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

To ensure we keep some of the originality of the car we decided to freshen up the look of the existing fuel tank.

From new back in the 70’s, and also if you were to purchase a new tank today, it would be finished in black so we decided to clean up our red tank and give it a coating of satin black before re-fitting with some new bolts.

Not only did we refurbish the fuel tank but whilst we were tidying the boot area we re-lined the entire area with brand new black carpet. Lauren has done an incredible job, not only is all of the wiring neatened up underneath but they are all hidden away to give a really clean and uninterrupted look.

As you can see, the originality remains the same, we have not tried to hide the imperfections, we have simply tidied and made a more appealing finish to the overall look.

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