Rebuilding the MGYT engine

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Back in November 2016 our 1949 MGY Tourer arrived with us from Cyprus. As you can see, the engine wasn’t quite right upon arrival.

If you were to remove the sheeting and pull out the white perspex boxes off the front and back seats you’ll find a 1949 MGYT engine…

…and if you look under the bonnet you’ll also see that we seem to be missing an engine.

So one of our first tasks was to rebuild the engine. In order to do this we needed to establish what parts, if any, were missing from the white boxes.

We called upon our good friend and one of the UK’s leading MG engine builders George Edny to help source and rebuild the components on our engine.

We have now carried out a full and extensive rebuild; including work to the front pulley, ring gear, water pump, oil filters, rocker caps, plugs, bearings and brackets. The exhaust has also been blasted and sprayed, the gearbox has been totally rebuilt, along with the carbs, inlet manifold, dynamo and starter motor.

The engine is now back in our Ipswich workshops ready for work to commence once again next week.

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