Re-Manufacturing the Merak Headlight Hydraulic Cylinders

Having exhausted all avenues in sourcing some new/good used headlight hydraulic cylinders to operate the raising mechanism of the headlights, we had no other choice than to re-manufacture some brand new components.

Certainly not as easy as it sounds; lots of phone calls later to lots of hydraulic specialists and with no one wanting to take on the task we started to look more locally for help.

Nigel and the guys at Ipswich Hydraulics reluctantly said they would take on the challenge and full credit to the team, they are now back with us, looking amazing and ready to be fitted up. A huge thank you to Ipswich Hydraulics for taking on the challenge.

Will they dread coming to the phone when they next hear ‘it’s Craig from Bridge Classic Cars’ on the phone? Maybe so…haha

…but a huge thank you.

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