Put Back – Dash Reassembled and Hoses Back in the 1970 Bristol 411

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The 1970 Bristol 411 which is in with Bridge Classic Cars to have its left-hand drive conversion done has been worked on by the workshop to complete some of the smaller jobs.

The team have reassembled the dashboard with the various dials and switches fitted back into the wooden surround.

In the engine bay, the team have fit up several new hoses to the classic Bristols V8 engine. The first is the new power steering hoses for the PAS system as part of its left-hand drive conversion with a custom-made steering rack. The hoses for this were made by a local specialist company who we have a good relationship with and have all been properly tested before being fit to the car.

Next, the team could route the new radiator hoses. This were changed over as standard procedure and some small changes to routing due to the PAS system.

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