Prototype confirmation from Jensen Car Company

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Original documentation from the Jensen Car Company to confirm our 1960 Jensen 541S was indeed one of the prototypes.

‘Congratulations on your acquisition. Your car was one of the three experimental chassis built to prove the 541S, and they were numbered JM/EXP, JM/EXP/101 and JM/EXP/102. Only EXP/101 had the automatic gearbox.

There are a few remaining records of the 541S, but we can supply the following on your car:

Chassis number: JM/EXP/101

Engine number: 40/A/11058

First registration: 750 CEA

Colour: Pearl Grey, Black Roof

Trim: Red

Invoiced: 11 January 1963

First owner: E.D Robinson

The car was used for road tests, demonstration purposes and, as an experimental car, was no doubt driven by the Jensen brothers and carefully looked after by the engineering department.

In addition to three experimental cars, 124 production examples of the 541S were built. Most appear to survive.

You might like to contact Keith Cerrino of the JOC for any further information on this car. His address is: “Dalkeith”, Village St, Harvington, nr Evesham, Worcs, WR11 5BQ (tel. 0386.871009)’

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