Progress Continues On Our 1971 Jensen FF MKII

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our 1971 Jensen FF MKII has had the attention of classic car technician Jon recently.

The first job Jon completed was to remove the old distributor and replace it with a new one. He also re-routed the speedo cable and fitted a new fuel filter too.

Jon went on to strip, clean, and inspect the brakes of this very impressive-looking classic car.

The cooling system of our Jensen FF was drained by Jon too. So he could gain access to the water pump and thermostat, he had to remove some of the components surrounding them. This gave Jon the opportunity to thoroughly inspect each component and replace any that were no longer in full working order.

All hoses were removed and all mating surfaces were cleaned.

Jon continued his work on our 1971 Jensen FF MKII by making a new gasket for the thermo housing. The cooling system was flushed and blown out too.

The grill was removed so Jon could access and remove the a/c fan.

The coolant pipe was found to be badly corroded so this needed to be cut and modified to resolve this issue. Once the new pipe was cut and painted, the whole system was refitted to the car.

Jon’s work on the cooling system of our 1971 Jensen FF MKII carried on with a new fan switch being fitted, rewiring the fans, and filling the system vacuum with the old coolant that was saved earlier in the process.

Work on the car wasn’t done yet though as Jon went on to remove the fuel tank. He did this to investigate the leak that the owner of the car says happens when the tank is full. Jon’s investigation began by pressure testing the fuel tank. A hole was found in the tank seam once the rust was removed.

Classic car technician Jon cleaned and prepared the new parts that will be needed to fit the new fuel tank. The tank straps were sanded and painted and a new filler neck hose was shaped ready to be fitted.

A new electric fuel pump was installed in our 1971 FF MKII. For this to happen, Jon prepped the area by removing the rear seat so he could secure the new mounts through the floor. The mechanical fuel pump was removed and a blanking plate and gasket were made, painted, and fitted.

Jon’s attention then turned to the wiring that leads to the new fuel pump. The fuel pipes were replaced and joined at the front while armouring was used in places to make sure the wiring was properly protected.

Jon has put a lot of time, effort, and skill into our 1971 Jensen FF MKII lately. Lots of progress has been made and work will continue until this beautiful classic car is ready to drive out of the workshop and get back on the road with its owner.

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