The plinth looks amazing! pays to take risks!

After running out of options to replace the tired looking plinth we were forced to take a risk and see whether we could re-chrome the original part.

I am fairly confident when I say that there are no more original front plinths in existence and believe me, I have tried everywhere! And as yet, no one has been able to re-produce them either so having spoken to, what seems like, every single MG parts supplier in the world we had no choice but to see whether we could refurbish the existing plinth.

This is a very challenging exercise as the material used to produce these originally, not only dent and mark very easily but are very difficult to re-chrome.

Having repaired the imperfections we managed to re-chrome and polish the part up to a superb condition.

A special thank you as always to Tony and the guys at Wyatt Polishing in Thetford for their help.

I think you’ll agree, it looks amazing.

Now to fit the new MG badge to the front…

MG Midget Plinth

MG Midget Plinth

MG Midget Plinth

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