Peugeot 504’s Interior Make Over

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

There’s been a lot going on with our Peugeot 504, especially in the trim shop.

Our trim technician Brian has been working on applying new vinyl to the boot side panels which have been applied to the originals. The sills have been glued in place and new chrome pieces have been added to the door panels. Brian has also added deadening to the centre console around the gearbox.

Our other trim technician, Kath has also been working on the 504. Heres the before and after:

But all of that wasnt just at the click of a fingers! Here’s what happened:

  • The centre console was created
  • The mats were sized up to check they fit
  • The section under the front and rear seat was carpeted
  • Gear stick gaiter made and fitted
  • Hand break gaiter made and fitted
  • Sills made, fitted and edges bound.
  • Holes made in the footwell mat for the pedals, the mat is then glued in place.
  • Glue the centre console carpet and then the centre console is fitted.
  • Carpets and panels were fitted
  • The squab was then added back in and screwed into place
  • The hood was repaired, patching the holes and refurbishing the studs.
  • A tool bag was made and added to the boot.

The 504 has also received new refurbished window winder mechanisms.

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