Peony Red Jensen Update

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’ve taken apart the old rear quarter panels on our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541s, ready to make new ones. This is done by cutting out new mill board panels, cutting out new plywood panels, fitting new plywood panel to original top wood, glueing & stapling mill board panel to plywood panel, riveting brackets to edge of the panel, adding foam padding to cover panel and then glueing & stapling the leather cover to the panel.

A newly fabricated bonnet has been fitted too.

Jensen glove box door in mushroom interior has been made by Brian in the trim shop. This involved removing old vinyl, cutting new vinyl, sticking it onto the door, trimming around the edge.

The dash has also been renovated. Brian has removed the old cover, sanded it down to remove the old glue and leather, mark out the new material, and glue up the parts. Once the glue had dried it was stretched and the ends trimmed.

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