Out With The Old!

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our trim shop team Kath and Brian have both been working hard on our 1972 Peugeot 504’s seats.

“I started by marking out all the positions of the different parts” Kath explains. “I then unpicked all the seams, removed all the hog rings and marked out the seats pattern onto the new leather.”

Kath then began marking out the fluted panels and sewed them. She then piped around the edges and sewed a calico loop around too with a wire insert.

“I then piped around the edges of the skirt” Kath continues, “and clipped the sides of the main face.”

“I then sewed it all together” Kath explains. “I clipped the middle fluted panel in place and sewed that together with the skirt.” After sewing those parts together, Kath then sewed a calico loop around the edge with another wire insert.

Now the covers are made, our expert trim technician Brian can begin work fitting them to the seats. He’s ready to fit both the front and rear seats of the Peugeot.

“I pulled the cover around tight, gluing and clipping it in place” Brian tells us “clipping the bottom flap to keep it in position.” Brian’s then fitted the seats back board in place, securing it with screws along the bottom. Finally, adding pvc edge trim around the back squab, fitting the seat reclining mechanisms and painting the handle he’s fitted.

New interior gives a classic car such a new lease of life! And moving from a black leather to this sumptuous red leather will compliment the Zinn Grey exterior amazingly.

Next step is to get the body out of paint and start marrying this colour combination together!

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