Our Peony Red Jensen Has Blossomed

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Yesterday afternoon was the moment we’ve all be waiting for. The first drop of Peony Red paint has been applied to our 1960 541S Jensen. For months we’ve been watching our skilled technicians work on rebuilding and reworking the body of this Jensen and finally its entered the paint shop.

This is a very exciting development in this restoration project as it’s now starting to resemble a classic car! With this fresh layer of paint on, our beautiful Peony Red Jensen is blossoming into the iconic classic it should be.

Chris has been focusing on preparing other exterior elements for paint. Here Chris is working on a front bumper shield.

Our specialist paint technician, Chris, has been dedicated to preparing, masking and painting our beloved Peony Red Jensen. He began by applying primer and guide coat to the bonnet, panels and body. He then rubbed the car down with 320 and 500 sandpaper grit ready for paint. Once the car was masked up, it was ready for paint. Car masked up for a ‘Verkehrsgrau’ grey roof and red bottom. Once the two tones had been applied, Chris could paint on the clear preservative coat.

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