Nissan Patrol Returns

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Some months ago a well used and much loved Nissan patrol came in for a cosmetic respray and although we tried to purchase new bumpers we ended up repairing and rechroming the originals. 

We also put the Bridge Classic Cars twist into the respray and colour coded the side fenders, side mouldings and wheels in a grey which looked superb against the new green paintwork. Carried out some minimal interior uplift and the customer was very happy.

Sadly after a period of time the owner convinced himself that the chrome was re rusting and returned the car to us for inspection. 
After a close look we established that the rust staining to the bumpers was actually coming from underneath the car and high up in the inner wings and dripping on to the now lovely chrome bumpers and side steps.

 James (Pricey) Price one of our body work technicians dug deep into the problem and the deeper he delved the more apparent it became that to help to stop any further rust giving a problem it would be necessary to take drastic action as you can be seen by these photos. 

This has led to extensive removal and re-welding of parts that were never to be a part of the original scope of works. 

Although we will never be able to capture all of the rust stain transferring areas we think here at Bridge that with what we have done and continuous cleaning from her proud owner will at least give longevity into what is a very usable SUV vehicle.

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