New Setup – New Carburettor and Intake on the 1986 Ford Capri 1.6

The 1986 Ford Capri has been in the Bridge Classic Cars restoration workshop to have its new intake manifold and carburettor fitted to help the classic Ford run easier.

The restoration team have been working on getting the old manifold and carburettor onto the car and checking to make sure everything else looked ok once it had been removed. The issue with running, our technician Jon had narrowed it down to an issue with the carburettor that was fitted.

Because of this and the experience of our technicians, it was decided to upgrade the carburettor to a twin-choke Weber unit. This involved having to change out the intake manifold to work with the new carburettor set-up. Along with that, Jon made the new throttle linkage and set it up to have a better throttle response and be more adjustable.

With everything fitted back onto the car, it could begin testing. As the car sat idling, Jon could adjust the carburettor to get the car running smoothly and then out on road test, the Capri ran like an absolute dream.

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