New Seats For The DB9

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Craig’s Aston Martin DB9 is set to get some new seats as the trim shop begin on the task of freshening up the interior. Kath began by carefully removing the covers, un-cliping the handle mechanisms and then removing the air bag which had been previously disabled by Aston Martin themselves. Kath then removed the retainers out from the inside of the metal frame and take out the centre piece which was attached with Velcro. Once the squab was removed, she could then remove the switches at the base of the seat. Once this was done, she could untie the cable tires and gently pull the cover out from around the wires. The seats contain small retainers to hold the cover on as well as strips of velcro, such as down the centre. Kath then removed the heated panels from the base and squab and the seat belt clip cover.

With all the external pieces now removed, Kath can begin the same process on the other seat and recover them both.

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