New Doors For Our Peony Jensen

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Brian from our trim shop has been working on creating more interior fittings for our 1960 Peony Red Jensen 541S. The first steps in creating new door panels were to remove the old metal from the door panel board and make new panels from hardboard. The metal has been cut out and riveted, ready to be put in place. Brian then glued some foam to the door panel, cut out new leather and glued the sewn door panel to the leather panel. Once the parts were fixed together, Brian then turned the edges over. The next step was to then cut out the leather for the infill panel and glue that to the door panel.

A new armrest has also been fitted to the door panel. Brian removed the old cover from the armrest and made a new one, including new foam and a new pocket. Fresh piping has been fitted to the top edge of the pocket and foam support added. Chrome has then been added to the armrest trim.

Chris has removed the door skins from the door frames ready to have the paint taken off sandblasted. This is to combat the corrosion found inside the doors. Once this is completed, epoxy primer is applied inside and out. The bonnet and boot have been lined up and rubbed down as well. Holes have been marked out on the boot and are ready to re-drill.

James has removed both Aluminium door skins from the steel frames to work on the corrosion too. We will be using modern materials to avoid corrision occurring in the future rather than the original strips of canvas fabric to act as a barrier.

Here you can see the conditions of the door panels which are showing serious signs of corrosion and rust damage, including a series of holes appearing along the edge.

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