New arrival: 1960 Rover 80

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Mary who we have known a few years loves her Triumph Spitfire and we have looked after it ever since our first encounter.

Unfortunately for husband Bill she is not so keen on the Rover 80 that has been taking up valuable space in the wood store and coming up to another winter of non-restoration it was definitely on borrowed time.

Mary contacted me (Gordon) and said would I consider buying the car as they really wanted to see the car restored. How could I say no?

Tomas and myself had a mammoth task of releasing the Rover from its comfortable home and onto a trailer that we doubted we could remove from the their small cottage garden and driveway.

2 hours of loading and constantly telling Mary that we may fail in our quest and with the reply that the winter logs were being delivered it was never a doubt that Bills Rover was destined for departure.

We managed to get a few pictures between, swearing, turning wheels with flat tyres and desperately not trying to destroy the pergola. You can see the joy on Mary’s face and the not quite so happy Bill.

I even got a message from Mary the following day thanking us for all our efforts and tell us that the logs had arrived. 

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