Neat and Tidy – Working on the Dash and Interior Wiring Loom of the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

With the engine bay wiring loom routed for the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona, the Bridge Classic Cars restoration technicians could begin work on the dash and interior loom.

The wiring loom for the 1979 Arrow Ferrari Daytona has to be carefully laid out and routed throughout the entire car. Rob, one of our technicians, has been working on cleaning up unnecessary wiring for the car and then making sure the harness is carefully wrapped in loom tape to protect the wires from any chafing and to bundle them together for tidiness.

Rob has split the harness into each of the individual systems like it would have been done on the original Daytona and neatly put them into the wire carriers.

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