Must Dash – Covering the Dash of the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Brian has been working on the dashboard on the 1973 Jaguar E Type Series III Roadster in preparation for the rest of the car being finished off in the workshop over the next few weeks.

Brian, one of our master in-house trim experts, has worked his magic on the dashboard of Fern Grey. Once the original covering had been carefully removed, Brian could then begin to prepare the surface for it’s new cover.

Fern Grey is a special car. Everything on the entire car (not just the interior) has been worked on by our in-house restoration teams. Brian completely recovered the dash in a new black leather piece. But, it’s not just the cover that Brian worked on. The Trim team also refurbished all the trim pieces, especially the air vents on the leading edge of the dash.

Carefully, Brian cut the new cover to accept the dash vents. Then, began to fit them up onto the panel. It looks absolutely sensational.

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