MGBGT V8 works

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

One for the future: we have our 1975 MGBGT V8 in need of a few remedial alterations and a possible full respray.

The underneath of the car is in very good condition. Some of the under seal is missing and other sections have become detached, which allows moisture and wet to get between the floor pan and the underseal. This will eventually cause the floor pan to rust and hole.

The webasto roof seems to be getting stuck so we will need to investigate the poor clamping of the opened webasto roof and repair.

The car has micro blistered in multiple areas and this requires to be taken back to bare metal and resprayed. The only way to successfully eradicate the micro blistering 100% and to achieve the required finish is to respray the total car.

We will look to strip the car totally, remove the front and back screens, to prepare, paint in original two tone colour and reassemble, using new rubbers where required.

It also appears that the engine mounts are weak causing the nearside exhaust manifold to rest on the inner wing.

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