MG Owners Club Takeover

Picture of By Lily Griffiths
By Lily Griffiths

Events, marketing and business relations executive

On Thursday 11th April it was a beautiful evening for the MG Owners Club to takeover our Atelier for their own exclusive event. The warm weather and late sunset marked the start of summer feelings and a fleet of classic MGs arrived early evening.

Some of the guests in attendance were familiar faces however there were lots of new people experiencing Bridge Classic Cars for the first time. Rio expertly parked them outside and managed to capture some brilliant footage of all the cars which can be seen on our YouTube channel and Lily was behind the bar and responsible for the workshop tour. There were lots of current projects visible for the MGOC to see and learn about.

The current bar was a temporary fix ahead of our relocation to our exciting new events premises next door, all of the guests on the evening have promised to return once we are up and running. All in all it was a great evening.

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