Merry MG A Christmas

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Receiving letters like the one below is what makes all our hard work even more worth it. We took on Mike’s lovely 1960 MG A in 2019 as a barn find. In just over a year, we restored it back to its original beauty. Hearing Mike’s story is a treasured reminder of how each and every classic car comes full of fond memories and stories, and it’s our job to keep these vehicles going so they can collect more stories.

The letter reads:

Dear Gordon and Craig,

There are few things in life more gratifying than to sit behind the wheel of your first car, 50 years later and to experience once again the thrill of a 19 year old!

In little over a year, you have transformed my MGA from a wreck into a beautiful machine. I appreciate very much the work you have done for me.

With my thanks and very best wishes,


P.s Please do post this on your website if you wish.

You can see here what the MG A looked like when we found it and what it looked like afterwards, as well as some sentimental photos of it back in the day.

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