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By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Its another Monday and the 5th instalment of our Meet The Team series! This week we meet Adam, our electric specialist.

Adam is our youngest member of the team however he comes with a vast amount of experience in the car engineering industry. Although he’s currently our electrical specialist, Adam has worked in both electrics and car interiors.

Adam first started with a local automotive company where he worked on re-upholstering vehicle interiors, spending a lot of time on Toyotas. During this time he worked towards an apprenticeship in Manual Handling.

He then moved on to working with high-performance cars at BF1 Systems where he was involved in building wiring looms for F1 cars, touring cars and high-end motorsports vehicles. Adam also worked as part of a team that produced a wiring loom for the Ferrari F1 team. Whilst working here, Adam also went through in house training alongside one of the pioneering engineers in the British racing scene. Not only that, but Adam was also studying an apprenticeship at Poultec in Norwich building parts fo Speedway bikes.

In February 2019, Adam joined Mercedes AMG HPP where he was building wiring looms for F1 cars and assisting with the formula e-cars.

With such an impressive experience so far, it’s a great pleasure to welcome Adam to the team as one of our most recent additions in the workshop.

Adam told us about his eagerness to continue to learn and grow, wanting to pick up more knowledge about various aspects of the industry. We hope to be able to further his experience in electrics as well as expand his knowledge in mechanical engineering.

“I’d like to continue with this career, I want to learn each aspect within the car industry, so having done car interiors and car electrical work, I would like to go on to be capable with engines and more of a mechanics role because ultimately I want to be building cars in my spare time”

For each member we look up their car of the year, the car that we’ve picked for Adams birth year is the Mercedes CLK GTR which also happens to be his dream track car!

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