Mastering the Midget Roof

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

It takes longer than you think to fit a brand new roof to an existing frame system.

But you can’t beat the look of a brand new roof so the efforts are well worth it!

Here we are working on doing just that. We’ve had the existing frame-work refurbished so it now looks as good as new. The hinges and mechanism needed a bit of freeing up but once we had added a little grease and gently worked on all of the moving components the roof was ready to me measured out and fitted.

If you intend on fitting a roof yourself we strongly advise you get an extra pair of hands to help you. Two pairs of hands to stretch the roof and secure tightly into position is most definitely better than one pair trying to attempt it. It is important for the roof to remain tight at all times and a good eye to make sure it is straight and in position.

1966 MG Midget - Fitting the roof

1966 MG Midget - Fitting the roof

1966 MG Midget - Fitting the roof

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