Marine Upholstery

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’re lucky enough to have our own interior trim department in house here at Bridge Classic Cars, which allows us to maintain our high-quality services, lower costs and provide tailored custom interior trims for our clients. With a skilled team of three, we attend to worn out, dirty and tired interior, replacing and reworking everything from vinyl, calico, leather, fabric and carpet. We also design new interiors and help classic car owners pick their new colours, materials, and styles to suit the car depending on its age, purpose, or style.

As well as classic car interiors, we also offer boat and yacht interiors as the same keen eye for detail and discipline goes into luxury boat interior as it does for luxury cars.

If you’d like your boat or car interior trim reworked, brightened up or totally re-designed, get in touch at or give us a ring on 01473 742038 and we’ll be happy to discuss your plans.

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