Lotus Europa Repairs

By Rob Harvey
By Rob Harvey

Marketing Manager - Bridge Classic Cars

Classic car technician Jonn has been carrying out a further inspection of our 1970 Lotus Europa and carrying out any repairs that were needed.

He drilled out the broken boot striker plate and flattened it before re-riveting it to the boot lid and fitting new screws to catch and secure. Upon testing, the boot locks work as expected.

Jonn then went on to tighten the front suspension bolts before greasing all points. He then stripped the brakes and cleaned and checked them. He then delipped the drums, refitted and adjusted them. Once the wheels were re-fitted and torqued up, all the tyres were pumped up, including the spare.

The connections to the horn were repaired and new rear light lenses were fitted. Jonn investigated why the reverse lights were not working and, after tracing back to the loom, he was unable to find reverse light wires from the loom and the gearbox doesn’t have a reverse light switch anywhere.

Jonn then looked at the choke cable fitment and routing and ordered a long cable. The nearside door panel was removed to find out why the passenger door didn’t lock via the key. Jonn freed the locking mechanism and worked it back and forth. He tried to lock the car with the key and it now locks.

The fuel tank was drained and the return hose was replaced with new clips. The tank was then refilled and checked for leaks – none were seen.

Jonn is now waiting on parts to finish the prep work for this beautiful classic going live on Bridge Classic Cars Competitions.

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