Lotus Europa Repairs

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Jon is working on the final preparations of the Lotus Europa, ready for the filming to take place, hopefully, the week after next .

A new, modified fuel sender has been fitted into the tank. Fuel has then been added to check the integrity of sender seal and all ok.

We have fitted tank into the hole in body and aligned the bolts. All fixings have been secured

Jon has then drain the fuel out to connect fuel feed and return pipes.

The electrics were next on his list as he repaired the wiring to the fuel pump and made connections.

Checked pump operates and all ok so we have refilled with fuel.

The gauge is reading ok, 3/4 full on gauge which is accurate.

We have applied underseal in black.

Refit nearside rear wheel and torque up.

Put battery on charge.

Refit engine heatshield and boot liner.

Get car off ramp and start up before carrying out a road test. The car pops and bangs under light throttle conditions but ok under hard acceleration which will need to be addressed.

Slow idle speed down on each carb equally.

A trip to DanST Performance Engineering next week to correct the running issue and hopefully ready for the competitions department!

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