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Looking Back – Fitting the Door Mirrors and Dome Light to the 1970 Dodge Charger

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The in-house trim experts at Bridge Classic Cars have been hard at work. Teaming up to conquer the interior of the 1970 Dodge Charger.

One of the jobs on the list for the interior refit was to fit the signature dome light. This involved a small hole in the brand new headliner for the wires to be passed through. Thankfully with the skill of our trim fitters, you would never know it was ever there and the outings all lined up to be able to secure the light to the roof.

Next up, Brian began to work on getting the new rearview mirrors to the doors of the Charger. These mirrors are so iconic to the Charger that their placement is crucial. Brian, one of our in house trim experts, carefully measured up and mocked up the mirrors countless times before drilling the holes for the fixings to pass through. Once in place, the mechanisms to control the mirrors can be installed to make them fully functional.

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