Kersey Mill’s Drive It Day

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

The Bridge Classic Car team headed down to Kersey Mill bright and early with a collection of our current classics, from the Bubble car to our Rolls Royce. After securing a large pitch, we set up our cars alongside many other amazing and beautiful classics that other enthusiasts had brought. The show itself spanned over a collection of grass paddocks surrounding Kersey Mill, which lay in the background. From American police cars to British classics and even a steam engine, everything and anything was parked up at Kersey.

The show itself was to celebrate National Drive It Day, a day to celebrate classics and gather everyone together in the name of charity fundraising, raising awareness and funds for the NSPCC. It was fantastic to see so many families and children enjoying the day as well as the drivers.

Talking to those at Kersey, we heard many fond stories of days spent with their cars, restoring classics and enthusiasms over mechanics. At one stand was a father and son duo with their Series One Land Rover and a three-wheel Barkley that had made (almost) completed the Mongol Rally, just needing a little help and clever engineering from its driver at the end. They both spoke of their love for usable classics, explaining that for them, classics were there to be driven and enjoyed. Another man had bought along his 1934 Wolsey, for which was filled with original and timely artefacts from gloves to books, a pipe holder and an old camera. He told us about how, to him, it was all the extras like the tool kit and pipe holder that made a classic. He explained he was looking for the original pipe holder however the one he made and fitted, would have to do for now. The man who had bought along the steam engine told us that is was a former military vehicle that has spent most of its life around Suffolk and Colchester and had just finished restoring it. Kersey Mill was his first outing in a decade with the steam engine, however, he told us it took him 6 hours to get there from Colchester because of the slow speed of the vehicle.

Below you can see our photos as well as featured photos from others that we at Kersey yesterday.

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