Just Arrived – 1971 Jensen FF MKII

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Another rare car has recently arrived at Bridge Classic Cars in the form of our 1971 Jensen FF MKII. With only 320 of these beautiful classic cars being made, we are very excited to have one in our workshop.

After not being used for a while, the car is experiencing some issues that we will be looking to resolve.

While our 1971 Jensen FF MKII is with us, we will be replacing the original ignition with an electronic kit, replacing all spark plugs, investigating a suspected hole in the fuel tank, overhauling the cooling system, looking at some of the switches on the front console, and other investigative tasks too.

The FF (Ferguson Formula) is a rare four-wheel-drive variant of the Jensen Interceptor. At the time of its release, the FF cost around 30% more than the Interceptor and was owned by those who wanted more luxury from their car. Jensen only made the FF with an automatic gearbox to further increase the feeling of comfort and luxury the car provided its driver.

This is a beautiful example of a very rare classic car and we look forward to seeing it progress through its restoration journey with us.

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