Jaguar MKVII Engine Leak – The Process

Picture of By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

We’ve diagnosed an oil leak in the Jaguar MKVII as a result of a faulty component. Take a look at the walk through below to see what the issue was and how we resolved it…

Image 1: MK7 jag engine with the sump off to allow Ady to start working his way into the engine. The sump, or the oil pan, is a metal dish that covers the bottom of the engine block and holds the engine oil when it is not circulating.

Image 2: Oil filter housing.

Image 3&4: The engine sump

Image 5&6: This is the cork seal which we discovered has been fitted incorrectly which lead to the engine leak.

So now what? We’ve identified the issue, its time to fix it!

The cork sealant had been attached incorrectly, meaning it had twisted and more importantly, been let oil out. Ady, our engine specialist has got some more cork and new gaskets to fit either end of the oil sump and across the edges, meaning that the oil will stay where its meant to be.

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