It’s all ‘go’ on the Peugeot

By Craig Ranson
By Craig Ranson

Managing Director – Bridge Classic Cars

Our Peugeot restoration has kicked up a gear or two in the last week. It’s being worked on both in the Paint and Trim shops.

The colour for our Peugeot’s fresh look has been decided, it’s being painted in the striking VW Zinn Grey. Paired with a beautiful red interior, we think this specification is going to look superb. Darren our Paint Shop Manager has been applying the colour coats to our Peugeot. He firstly painted the Engine bay and boot and has now masked those areas up to paint the external elements of the bodywork.

The paintwork looks sublime under the bright lights of the spray booth. superb work, Darren

Read on to take a look at Brian’s work on the 504 in the Trim Shop

Brian has been very busy bringing the 504’s seats back to life!

He’s firstly stripped down the old seats, taking off the old fabric, ready to re-trim in the brand new, red leather.

Brian has then stripped down and covered this flat interior panel, gluing down the excess material to the back of the panel.

Finally Brian has trimmed the top and bottom panels before riveting the two together to seamlessly meet. He’s added foam to the top of the panel before pulling the leather tight into place and gluing down.

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