Is it best to buy new or re-chrome?

We get asked this a lot, is it best to buy new or re-chrome original parts? Let’s look at the facts:


Original chrome taken from a 1949 MG YT

Buying New

Who is the supplier of the new products? Are they a reputable company and do they specialise in your particular vehicle? I guess the last part isn’t crucial but it is something we consider when working on our projects at Bridge Classic Cars. The way to look at it, if you find a company that has been trading for many years and they specialise in a particular make or group of vehicles then it’s certainly more reassuring that the chrome they supply will fit. At the end of the day, it’s all about reputation, if you are good at what you do then you get known for being.

With new, more often than not the parts are produced of a lesser quality material. Because we live in a world of tight budgets products have to be produced cheaper, this way they can be sold more competitively.

People are often put off by the ‘Chinese’ market but it’s no longer the case that something made in China is no good, it is. If you are sold into the idea that a product produced in Germany is better than one from China then unfortunately you may be missing out on a great product.

Buying new is often the cheaper alternative to re-chroming the existing products and this is really important. If the part is small and considered less significant then buying new is totally the way to go. Why waste money on the most expensive option?

To sum up, buying new is fantastic, everything is shiny and perfect and with modern tooling it is safe to say that it will most likely fit how it should. There is however one key thing to consider…

Using Existing

…it isn’t original.

Original is great, it has a story. The car came with it on, it belongs on the car, therefore, if it can be refurbished then it should remain.

Having said that, it can often be the most expensive option so you do need to sit down and really assess the importance of original against cost.

Secondly, do you have a good chromer and polisher? There is an art to rechroming so do ensure the company you use are good and that you’ve seen their work. We use a company in Thetford, Wyatt Polishing, they are fantastic and have been doing it for many years. They undertake all kinds of metal restoration on classic, custom cars and bikes. Basically anything that needs plating they can provide a triple service which involves copper, nickel and chrome. They offer a repair service for damaged items such as rusty and holed car bumpers, damaged trims, badly pitted mazak can repaired before plating.

Original chrome taken from a 1949 MG YT

Here at Bridge Classic Cars, we do not limit our options. We consider both options on every occasion. Some parts are nearly impossible to get hold of which therefore means our only option is to repair. Other’s are so much cheaper to replace with new so it makes sense to do it that way. There really is no right or wrong answer to this question.

This is our 1949 MG YT chrome, we have purchased some parts new but the majority has gone over to the platers to be refurbished ready to be refitted.

Original chrome taken from a 1949 MG YT


Original chrome taken from a 1949 MG YT


Original chrome taken from a 1949 MG YT


Original chrome taken from a 1949 MG YT


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